Buying a Motorcycle For Work or Pleasure

Buying a Motorcycle is an exciting endeavor.  However, considering the wide array of new models and various options, selecting the right bike can seem a bit daunting.  The decision does not have to be difficult however, if a few simple tips are followed.

The first and most obvious thing to consider is the motorcycle’s intended purpose.  Are you buying it with the intention to commute to work every day, or will it be a weekend pleasure ride?  Do you plan to do recreational riding in rough terrain, or do you need something that will provide a smooth glide down the freeway?  The answers to these questions can largely determine fundamental aspects of the motorcycle’s functionality and power capacity.

Just as the human body comes in all shapes and sizes, so do motorcycles. It is important to select a model and style that best suits your body type.  The best way to determine this is to give a thorough test drive to any bike under consideration.  Regardless of how much you want a specific brand or style, if it is uncomfortable to sit on or if it adds too much strain to any one body part such as wrists or shoulders, it is a good idea to look at other types.

Budgetary considerations are also important.  Motorcycle payments do not stop once one drives the vehicle off the lot.  There is insurance to buy, as well as gear such as a good helmet, jacket, gloves and other protective clothing.  Bikes also need regular professional maintenance also, so these costs should be figured into the overall cost of the motorcycle.

It is always a good idea to shop around when purchasing a motorcycle.  Drive a number of different models and consult with the salesperson about the best features possessed by each bike. Do not be shy about asking questions.  The sales staff is there to help you make up your mind and make the best decision for your particular needs.

Of course, a permit is needed to operate a motorcycle on public roads. Please contact us for information about how to pass your exam with flying colors.

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