Buying Your First Motorcycle

Pretty exciting, isn’t it? You’ve passed your test and now you’re on your way to buying your first motorcycle. While it can feel a bit intimidating, you know it’ll be a breeze now that you’ve gotten beyond the rules and regulations.

So, what can go wrong? Well, plenty.

Here’s why. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the nearest Harley-Davidson showroom or are looking through Sunday’s classifieds or online for your very own first motorcycle. There are ways to do it, and there are things to avoid.

So, here are five tips for buying your first motorcycle.

1. Take someone with you. You may know what you want, you may not. It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes on looking over the bike you’ve set your sights on. Chances are, if you are interested in motorcycles it’s because someone you already know has their own ride. Ask them to come along to check out what it is you’re buying. They just may be able to spot a defect or see something you don’t know to look for. Either way you can’t lose.

2. Do your technology homework. By that I mean, check out places online where you can find out the history of the motorcycle you’re interested in. While Carfax doesn’t do motorcycles, there is a place called NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) where you can obtain info from a 3rd party. Or another option is to take the VIN number to your local police station and have them run it for stolen property. It depends on where you’re buying from.

Buying Your First Motorcycle

3. Do your motorcycle homework. Once you know which bike you’d like to purchase, find out all you can about it. You do know that the Internet is the greatest info tool ever invented. There you will find a virtual treasure trove of motorcycle information; specs, history, forums, and more. Places where you will find answers to every question.

4. Make a list of your questions. This might sound funny, but when you’re in the midst of negotiating a deal, sometimes those all-important questions go right out of your head. Keep them with you so there’s no need to wonder.

5. Negotiate. After all, everything is negotiable.

So, when it comes to buying your first motorcycle, keep these five easy tips in mind. You’ll come home with the bike of your dreams!

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