Who we are

Driving a motorcycle is actually a very dangerous and demanding process, a lack of knowledge regarding safety tips and information can end up being deadly. To avoid any such crisis one should have complete knowledge of the ‘motorcycle driving’ experience. Many are unaware of the source to acquire this knowledge from, Permit.bike solely devoted to the purpose, can provide you with all the tips and information you will ever need regarding driving a motorcycle. The website, Permit.Bike was started in the year 2014 to provide assistance to students looking for motorcycle education. Permit.Bike is singularly devoted to the purpose of providing an easy-to-learn and simple approach to the act of riding. We are here to provide you with the best online training to become a smart and skilled biker.

Motorcycle Permit Test

If a motorcycle is a vehicle you wish to go around in, because of its economical ease or because it’s fun to ride, whatever the reason may be, a legally verified license is required for the purpose. To attain this license, a detailed demonstration of your ability to operate the motorcycle and your knowledge of traffic rules is essential.  To do so, a permit test is taken from anyone who wishes to gain a motorcycle license. This test is quite similar to one taken for obtaining a vehicle’s driver’s license. The test is comprised of two portions:

  • A written portion
  • A road test

What we can do for you

It is advised that you first take a practice test and answers the questions on it so that you could feel prepared and ready. The confidence you will attain from this will enable you to pass the test on your first try. We can provide you with the correct type of questions, as these questions will follow a format similar to the one followed by the actual test questions. After studying these questions you will be familiar and comfortable with the questions faced on test day and will definitely pass the motorcycle permit test to finally get your motorcycle license.


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