Free Motorcycle Practice Test

Pass your Motorcycle Permit test
with flying colors


As with any other test, it’s always a good idea to study and practice for your motorcycle permit test. The DMV offers a motorcycle handbook containing all of the information you’ll need to successfully earn your motorcycle operator endorsement. Also, before you apply for your motorcycle license, answering questions on a practice test can help you feel more prepared going in and more confident that you’ll pass on the first try. With a bank of motorcycle test questions, we can help you study and learn what you need to know in order to earn your motorcycle license. And, because these questions are similar to the ones you’ll encounter on the actual test, the format will feel comfortable and familiar when it counts.


A motorcycle is a fun, easy, and economical way to get around. Of course, as with any other motor vehicle on the road, you need a license to ride one legally. And, to get that license, you have to demonstrate that you are well-versed in the traffic rules, the operation of your motorcycle, and the safety precautions that one must take before taking to the open road. The test for obtaining a motorcycle license is quite similar to the test for obtaining a motor vehicle driver’s license: it contains both a written portion and a road test.

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