Louisiana Motorcycle License

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana requires a prospective licensee to add a motorcycle endorsement to the basic license. There are three exceptions; a member of the military, a dependent of a member of the military or a full-time student from another state or country. You must complete five-step process before you receive your Louisiana motorcycle license.

The Motorcycle Endorsement Process
1. Go to your local OMV office and submit a completed application.
2. Provide two proofs of identification; the OMV has a list of acceptable identification.
3. Pay an endorsement fee of $19; if you have a valid license that is less than four years, you pay $15.
4. Pass a motorcycle knowledge exam; online practice tests can help you prepare.
5. Pass an on-cycle skills test; you must provide a motorcycle, helmet, and eye protection unless your motorcycle has a windshield. *you can waive the on-cycle skills exam if you complete one of the Louisiana DPS Motorcycle Safety Courses.

Louisiana Safety Courses
These courses are designed to reinforce your knowledge of the driving rules, as well as on-cycle skills. You can select from one of the three skill levels offered; basic, intermediate and advanced. You will need a registered, insured and inspected motorcycle, less than 550cc to participate, or you may use a provided motorcycle.

• Basic Rider Classes, recommended by the Louisiana DPS, for those who have a slight degree of knowledge. This 15 ½ hour course includes classroom instruction and practical training on the road. If you use your motorcycle, the course costs $25. Your motorcycle must not exceed 550cc. If you use a provided motorcycle, the course costs $100.

• Intermediate Rider Classes, recommended by the Louisiana DPS, for riders who have some motorcycle riding experience. But they want to improve their disposition and practical skills when riding a motorcycle. This course includes cornering, defensive riding, and risk strategies. This practical training course is 5 hours. You must have a valid Louisiana motorcycle license or finished the Basic Rider Classes. If you use your motorcycle, the course costs $25. Your motorcycle must not exceed 550cc. If you use a provided motorcycle, the course costs $100.

• Advanced Rider Classes will benefit motorcyclists who have substantial experience. They can improve from classes in managing risk and assessing riding skills; cornering, braking and swerving. To participate, you need a motorcycle. It must be registered, insured and inspected before signing up for the course. *Pick out the classes you want submit your application and payment on the day you register. ** If you are under 18, you will need a signed consent from a parent or guardian. *** There are no refunds once you are assigned to a specific course.

Louisiana Motorcycle License

Motorcycle Knowledge Exam
This written exam will test your knowledge of driving rules. The test evaluates your application of these driving rules. This test evaluates your knowledge of road signs. The written exam will assess your knowledge and understanding about safely and lawfully riding a motorcycle on public roads.

To help you prepare for this written exam, the DMV, and the Louisiana OMV offers free practice tests online. These practice tests contain multiple-choice questions, which includes various test samples. You get results immediately, with a clear and simple explanation.

On-Cycle Skills Test
The road skills test evaluates your ability to operate your motorcycle safely in traffic. You must complete the on-cycle skills test successfully before you receive a Louisiana motorcycle license. This test should approximately 15 minutes to complete. Every applicant begins the exam with 100 points. The examiner deducts points during the test for every improper driving action. You must maintain at least 80 points to pass the test.

Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle insurance costs are dependent several factors; age, vehicle, driving record and the coverage you have. Louisiana requires $15,000 bodily injury per person; $30,000 bodily injury per accident; $25,000 property damage per accident.

• Driving Record
If you have had a moving violation or been in an accident within the past three years, you will probably pay more.
If you have had multiple moving violations, including drug and alcohol violations within the past ten years, you will pay more.
If your license were suspended or revoked, your insurance costs would increase.
If you use your motorcycle for racing purposes, you will pay more.

• Discounts
Anti-theft devices will likely reduce your premium.
If you have a history of clean driving and many years of riding experience, you will probably qualify for a discount.
If you belong to a club, like the American Motorcycle Association, you may qualify for a discount.

• Other Factors That Affect the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance
Is it used for business or pleasure?
How many miles is it driven monthly?
Where is it kept when it is not being used?

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