Motorcycle License RI

How To Get a Motorcycle License in Rhode Island

Everyone knows the old clich√©, “Feeling their hair blowing in the breeze.” With a description like that, who wouldn’t want to try it out? But before hopping on a bike to cruise the coast, individuals must first obtain a motorcycle license RI (Rhode Island). In order to enjoy this freedom, a few things must be done first – to determine if the person is ready, and to ensure the safety of all drivers. The steps one must complete to be able to legally ride a motorcycle in Rhode Island include:

In the case of an individual who currently holds a valid motorcycle license in another state, that person can trade in their old one for a motorcycle license RI. These individuals are not required to take any tests or courses. They simply have to provide their out-of-state license as proof. Once they provide the old license, they will receive a new one for Rhode Island. The motorcycle license will cost the standard rate for a new photo license, which is $26.50.

1) Resident’s who do not hold a regular driver’s license – The first step towards obtaining a motorcycle license in Rhode Island, is to hold a regular driver’s license. For those who don’t meet this requirement, they must obtain a regular license before applying for a motorcycle endorsement.

-A regular driver’s license is given after completing specific tasks pertaining to that license. This means first passing a written knowledge and skills test, and getting a learner’s permit which costs $6.50. After the learner’s permit is obtained, the person now has to successfully complete a road test, which costs $26.50. If the road test meets requirements, they will receive their RI license after paying the fees. The cost of a new photo license is $30.50.

2) Resident’s who already hold a regular driver’s license, and need a motorcycle permit – If residents of Rhode Island are already in possession of a valid driver’s license, they are then required to take a motorcycle safety course before receiving a motorcycle endorsement. This safety course is offered by Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) at their Warwick and Lincoln campuses. Once the safety course is successfully completed, the individual will receive a certificate of completion from CCRI. With the certificate and current driver’s license in hand, the person can then visit their local DMV, pay the fee of $26.50, and receive their motorcycle permit.

Motorcycle License RI

3) Resident’s with a motorcycle permit. After completing the necessary steps to obtain a motorcycle permit, the individual must maintain that permit for a period of thirty days. During the 30 day ‘trial’ period, the person must not receive any tickets or violations, or get in any accidents. If the 30 day trial period passes without any problems, the individual is ready to get their full motorcycle license. They simply have to return to their DMV with their regular driver’s license, motorcycle permit, and payment of $26.50 for a new photo license including the motorcycle endorsement.

1) CCRI’s motorcycle safety course, basic rider.

-In order to obtain a motorcycle license in RI, each individual is required to successfully complete a Motorcycle Rider Safety Course. This course is a total of 16.5 hours, which is separated into 6.5 hours of lectures and two 5-hour riding periods.

-CCRI provides all training motorcycles, and course students are not to, under any circumstance, ride their motorcycle to the course.

-On lecture days – a pencil, paper, and driver’s license are required. On riding days – appropriate clothing is required. This includes: A DOT-certified helmet, eye protection, long-sleeve shirt or a jacket, long pants (jeans), full leather gloves, leather shoes that cover the ankle, and rain gear when needed.

a) In order to successfully complete the Motorcycle Rider Safety Course:
-Once started, the course must be completed within the same program year. If it is not, the individual must re-register, pay entire course cost, and take the whole class over again.
-During the program, the student must pass a written test at the end of the second lecture. They must also pass a riding skills test at the end of the second riding period.
-The first riding session may be retaken one time – if needed – for a fee of $50. If it is failed a second time, the student may need to start the course over again.
-The completion certification is valid for six months. Obtaining a permit from the DMV must be done within this time period, or certain parts of the course may need to be retaken (depending on how long it is expired).

2) Driver’s manual. While it’s encouraged to study the regular driver’s license manual, Rhode Island doesn’t have a special motorcycle manual – because they are the only state where a motorcycle safety and training program is mandatory.

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