10 Highway Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Most people enjoy watching with amazement the world superbike competition. The shear speed and movements of the bikes are an exciting experience that people love and enjoy seeing.

Riding a motorbike is relatively easy and enjoyable, however, they are extremely dangerous and when accidents occur chances of surviving are very low. It takes time before you can become an experienced rider that can ride on the highways safe and comfortable.

Unlike cars which are relatively safer, a rider needs to consider a lot of things when they are on a bike in order to ensure they are safe. Below are some safety tips to help bikers remain safe on the highway.

Highway Motorcycle Tips

1. Riders should ensure that they are wearing the right protective gear

A motorcycle is a very dangerous machine that can cause serious injuries or even death when an accident occurs. Riders are advised to always put on their protective gears when they are on their bikes just to be safe. Wearing basic protective gears like gloves, motorbike boots or a helmet when riding can save them from the jaws of death.

Even though high-quality motorbike safety gears are expensive a riders safety on the bike is guaranteed.

2. Buy a Bluetooth enabled helmet

Technology is also playing a major role in ensuring motorbikes are safe. Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one of the ways technology is trying to enhance safety when riding a bike.

When the Bluetooth enabled helmet is connected to your phone it provides a safer way of picking up or even calling easily. Allowing a biker to focus more on the road and not the phone.

3. Ride in good weather

Unlike cars which can be driven in almost any weather, bikes are not that flexible. In a heavy rainstorm a rider’s visibility is greatly limited, they will also be forced to go more cautiously and slower to avoid falling because the roads are more slippery when it rains or snows.

Bikers are advised to ride their bikes in a clear and calm weather. In such a weather they have full control of the bike even at high speed.

4. Install Anti-lock brakes on your bike

Brakes are a very important part of a motorcycle. However regular brakes pose more danger to bikers especially when they abruptly stop because they are likely to lose control of the bike and fall off.

Anti-lock brakes gives a biker full control of the bike’s steering when they break abruptly, preventing the bike from skidding or rolling.

5. Ride according to your skills and ability

With enough skills, a lot of stunts can be done using a motorbike. Such stunts may look easy but riders require a lot of practice before they can execute such stunts and walk away unhurt.

New riders are discouraged from trying such stunts or even over speeding especially if they are not skilled enough. It is advisable to ride your bike according to your ability to avoid an occurrence of accidents. The longer you ride bikes the more experienced and better you become on two wheels.

6. Be alert always

Bikes are very fast, a serious accident can occur in a split second if a biker is not cautious. Bikers should be very aware of what is going on around them. When overtaking a biker should be aware of the vehicles in front or behind them while at the sometimes concentrating on the road.

7. Checking the bike regularly before riding

Just like every other machine, motorbikes too also malfunction. Regular check-ups on a bike before driving helps in identifying its problems and fixing them before it’s too late. A small malfunction such as breaking of the chain when you are riding can kill.

Before getting on a bike ensure that the brakes, the chain, tires and anything else of importance are functioning well. Taking the bike to a qualified mechanic for service once a month can ensure the bike remains in the best condition possible.

This awareness will help them react better and faster to a situation. Lack of concentration by bikers is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents worldwide.

8. Riders should desist from riding bikes when they under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Riding a motorcycle when you are high is a very bad idea. As I stated above bikes are very fast and accidents can occur easily, to ensure everything is in control your body and mind needs to be sober.

Riding a bike when you are under the influence of a substance impairs your judgment and may slow your reaction to case anything comes your way. Bikers are also discouraged from using strong medications that may slow them or impair them when they are on a bike.

9. Do not ride an overloaded bike

Overloading a motorcycle is dangerous because it loses its stability and can easily fall when the bike is at high speed. Overloading also brings discomfort to the rider and they may easily lose control of the bike and cause an accident.

A motorbike also wears out faster when it is overloaded, this results in extra and unplanned costs.

10. Follow all the traffic rules on the road

Most accidents occur on our roads due to careless driving and ignoring of the traffic rules. Traffic rules offer a guideline on how we should operate on the road and ignoring them puts you at a risk of being involved in an accident.

A rider that understands and obeys these rules is less likely to be involved in accidents or get in trouble with authorities.


Even though motorbikes are dangerous, when the above tips are considered and implemented by riders accidents are less likely to happen. There are a good number of riders with years of riding experience that have never been involved in a motorbike experience because of discipline and ethics.

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