Everything First-Time Motorcycle Riders Need to Know

There are a number of tried and true motorcycle tips you should use every time you mount your bike. These tips are things you should think about before you ride or when you are on the road.


Wear a DOT helmet. Beanie’s are cool, but mostly made of cheap plastic and are useless at preventing a head injury.

Even if it is summertime, wear protective clothing. If you do not have to cloth specifically made for motorcycle riding, at the least wear long sleeve shirt, pants, over the ankle boots and riding gloves.

Find a comfortable pair of riding glasses, shatterproof sunglasses or goggles and make sure you actually wear them.

In any weather condition wear bright and reflective clothing.


These tips are not just pointers but involve situations you will confront every time you get on your seat.

Time Motorcycle RidersGive yourself plenty of space and time to respond to other motorists actions.

Give drivers time and space to respond to you.

Watch the road conditions. Different scenarios, rain, wind, blinding sun need different response actions.

Use good lane position so you can be seen by other drivers.

Don’t weave between lanes (One of the most commonly broken rules of young riders)

Pretend you are invisible and ride totally on the defense. Total defensive driving is the number one rule of riding safely.

Don’t ride when you are tired. Obviously don’t drink and ride.

Stick to the speed limit, especially on curves and rough surfaces. It’s very easy to go too hot into a corner and dump your bike.

Make sure you ride as visible as possible. Motorists often have problems seeing motorcycles and reacting in time.

Flash your brake lights a few times as you slow down to stop.

A motorcycle horn is there to be used in a dangerous situation. Too many bikers neglect using it.

Never get between a vehicle and an off-ramp. This can be both disconcerting and dangerous. If any drivers decide to exit a road at the last minute they can seriously injure a motorcyclist.

Try to ride with your high beams on during the day as much as possible so you have extra visibility. Turn them down if you are behind a car during a stop.

Constantly scan and observe your entire environment while you are riding. Go from instruments to mirrors to the road ahead to blind spots to your left and right rear, then repeat the process.

Always be on the lookout for road hazards. Your two wheels has less contact with the pavement than a car. Sand, wet leaves, or pebbles can cause your bike to slide unexpectedly.

Keep your eyes on the road and physically look where you are going all the time. If you are looking at the ground up ahead, that’s where you’re going to go!

Watch your gas gauge. Make sure you turn your choke down once you are warmed and underway. Leaving the choke open will quickly burn fuel.

Make sure you know the local motorcycle laws where you are riding.

Have a great ride!

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