Idaho Motorcycle License

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Idaho

Idaho drivers that wish to experience the excitement and freedom of driving a motorcycle should know the process and requirements necessary to obtain an Idaho motorcycle license. The following is a brief guide on the process and how to get started.

License classes
The first thing most drivers should do is look into motorcycle driving and skills training classes. There are classes in Idaho called Skills Training Advantage for Riders, or STAR, that are designed for young or new riders to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. The obvious advantage of these classes is the diving and safety skills learned. However, drivers that pass the course within in a year may be able to skip the riding skills part of the Idaho motorcycle license exam process and will also qualify for a lower insurance rate. Drivers under the age of 21 who wish to get a motorcycle license must take these classes before beginning the process.

License process
The process to obtain an Idaho motorcycle license involves two different tests: a written knowledge test, and an on-the-road skills exam. The written test must be taken before the road skills test.

Idaho Motorcycle License

Written knowledge test
The written test will cover things such as road laws and safety practices. It is made up of twenty-five multiple choice questions. In order to pass the exam, the individual must get at least eighty percent of the questions correct. The Idaho Motorcycle’s Operating Manual is a handbook that covers all the information that will be in the written test. This manual can be used for studying in anticipation of the exam.

Road skills test
All applicants who have not completed a motorcycle training course must take a road skills exam. The exam can be taken at an approved third-party testing facility. Road skills exams must are done by appointment. In order to take the exam, one must bring with them a motorcycle, a receipt proving they have passed the written exam, money to cover the testing fees, and registration and insurance papers for the bike that will be used for the testing.

The test covers the drivers ability to avoid obstacles and drive in both normal and hazardous conditions. Skills to be tested will include

  • normal stop,
  • cone weaving,
  • sharp turns,
  • not stalling the motorcycle,
  • quick stops,
  • U-turns,
  • and obstacle swerve.

License requirements
In order to qualify to take the written test and road skills motorcycle exam in Idaho, an individual must be an Idaho resident and have a valid Idaho driver’s license. If the individual is under the age of 21, then they must complete the STAR training course listed above.

License cost
The cost of getting an Idaho motorcycle license is fairly low. The fees necessary are

  • a one-time $15 endorsement fee, which puts the “M” on the driver’s license;
  • a $15 motorcycle permit fee, which is good for 180 days;
  • a $3 fee for the written knowledge exam;
  • a $10 fee of the driving skills exam.
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