Motorcycle License in Indiana

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Indiana

If you are a resident in the state of Indiana looking to own a motorcycle license, you need be aware of the necessary procedures for receiving one. Unlike a driver’s license for a standard vehicle, the Indiana motorcycle license requires more in depth learning and training on how to be a safe motorist. Here are some areas you will need to become familiar with as you consider obtaining a motorcycle license: license classes, license requirements, license cost, license process, written permit test, and road test.

License Classes

One of the first things you will need to do with applying for a motorcycle license will be so sign up for a class that provides instruction for both traffic laws and test driving motorcycles. You must make sure that the driving school and/or instructor providing the course is approved by Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Simply having a motorcyclist organization that is unqualified by the state, nor licensed, will not be accepted. The motorcyclist training organization that has partnered with Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles is American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE). This is the recommended and designated driving school for those desiring a motorcycle license.

License Requirements

• You must first apply for a motorcycle permit prior to applying for the motorcycle license.
• The permit will last for one year, giving applicant time to complete all driver education classes and tests.
• All holders of a motorcycle permit must take the ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) course.
• You must be 18 or order to apply for a motorcycle license in Indiana.

Indiana Motorcycle License

Motorcycle Permit Regulations

• You may not drive during the dark.
• You must always wear a helmet.
• You must complete the ABATE course before driving your motorcycle on any public road.
• You cannot carry any passengers and must always be accompanied by a licensed adult.

License Cost

• Motorcycle permit application fee- $9.00
• 6 year Motorcycle renewal/new application fee- $21.00
• $15.00 if you are adding a motorcycle endorsement to your motor vehicle license.
• Motorcycle license plate fee-$25.35

License Process

1. Apply for a motorcycle permit.
2. Register for the ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) course.
3. Pass ABATE, a vision test, and the signs and traffic laws examination written test.
4. Present the ABATE completion card to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
5. Schedule appointment with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office to complete road test.
6. Get motorcycle insurance.

Written Permit Tests

• You must complete the Signs and Traffic Laws Examination.
• Practice test are available online.
• Test can be completed at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles
• If you fail more than 3 times, you must wait 2 months before retaking the tests.

Road Test

• You will first complete a road test with through ABATE.
• You will need to have a helmet, photo ID, a valid motorcycle permit during the ABATE road test.
• You must successfully complete a series of maneuvers that are outlined on ABATE’s website and course manual at your ABATE’s Center to receive completion card.
• Make an appointment with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicle, take ABATE completion card, and complete their motorcycle driving test.

There are several steps that one would need to complete when applying for an Indiana motorcycle license. The entire process will require applying for a motorcycle permit, taking an ABATE course, completing the vision test, written test and a road test. You must also acquire proof of motorcycle insurance in order to hold and maintain your motorcycle license. If you have additional questions about how to obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Indiana, please contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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