Motorcycle License in Missouri

How To Get a Motorcycle License in Missouri

To ride a motorcycle on public roads in Missouri, drivers are required to have the proper license. This may include a Class M license, Class M instruction permit or a Class M endorsement on a license. First-time drivers and minors must also comply with the state’s Graduated Driver Licensing requirements. Drivers 15 ½ years old and up may apply for an instruction permit and eventually graduate to a full motorcycle license. Earning the license demonstrations possession of the proper knowledge and skills to safely operate a motorcycle on the road is mandatory. Upon receiving a license or permit, motorcycle drivers must abide by all traffic laws and use proper discretion.

License Requirements
Applicants wishing to earn a full Class M license or endorsement must be at least 18 years old. They must pass the Class F and Class M examinations for written and on-cycle road skills, but the on-cycle skills test can be waived by showing a completion card from an approved motorcycle rider training course. Potential drivers much also pass the Class F and Class M vision and road sign tests and pay the appropriate fees. Identification must be shown when applying including proof of the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth

Graduated Driver License Requirements
Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 must satisfy the state’s GDL requirements. The Graduated Driver License law requires all first-time drivers between 15 and 18 years old to complete a set number of hours of supervised driving before upgrading to an intermediate license. Upon turning 18, the driver can upgrade to a full license. There are restrictions for minor drivers with an intermediate license, and there are also requirements that must be met for drivers between the ages of 18 and 21 with a full motorcycle license.

Missouri Motorcycle License

Gaining a Permit
Minors 15 ½ and older that do not possess a full license need a Class M permit in order to ride a motorcycle on public highways. Before obtaining a permit, any driver under 16 must show proof of completion of a Motorcycle Rider Training Course. Applicants for a Class M permit must present the same identification as those for a license in addition to having a parent or guardian sign a permission statement. The permit is only valid for six months, and it must be held for a minimum of this time before applying for a Class M license. There are certain restrictions that drivers are expected to follow when holding a motorcycle permit.

License Fees and Costs
The Missouri motorcycle license is valid for a 3-year or 6-year period. The cost for a 3-year license is $10, and the cost for six years is $20. The cost for an instruction permit is $3.50, and that for a standard motorcycle permit goes up to $6.25. These fees do not include the fees for examinations taken while applying.

Safety Courses and Instruction
Drivers under the age of 16 are required by the Missouri Department of Revenue to complete a Motorcycle Rider Training Course. There are also various levels of optional driving instruction for those that desire it before taking exams or getting on the road. The introductory course is made for beginners with no experience, and it is suitable before taking the Basic Rider Course. The Basic Rider Course is for novices or those that haven’t been riding for some time. Completion of this course can be used to waive the on-cycle exam when applying for the Missouri motorcycle license. The motorcycle instruction classes span all the way to Advanced level for anyone wanting to improve their skill.

The Process of Getting a License
The process for getting a license will vary depending on the driver’s age and current credentials. Drivers as young as 15 years and 182 days may apply to begin driving a motorcycle. Those drivers begin with a temporary motorcycle instruction permit, and they will eventually progress through a graduated system for an intermediate license. Drivers 18 and up may receive a full license upon passing Class F and Class M written, vision, road sign and road tests.

Written and Road Tests
After completing a safety course, permit applicants must pass the Class F and Class M written and road sign tests. To receive a Missouri motorcycle license or a license endorsement, drivers must pass a knowledge test and skills test. The knowledge test requires understanding of road rules and safe driving practices. The on-cycle road test will cover basic control and skills to avoid collisions. Skills that may be tested include accelerating, braking, turning, speed adjustment, decision-making and communication with other drivers. These skills are essential for demonstrating the ability to operate a motorcycle safely.

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