Montana Motorcycle License

How To Get a Motorcycle License in Montana

Requirements for motorcycle licenses from state to state are different and Montana is no exception. Riding a motorcycle, motor scooter or any other type of motor driven cycle requires a motorcycle endorsement be earned, which will become part of your license once the requirements are met. What you need to acquire a motorcycle endorsement in Montana is as follows.

Montana Motorcycle License Requirements

•At 15 years of age, you can obtain a Montana driver’s license if you have passed a Montana Department of Justice and Superintendent of Public Instruction approved education course. Online courses are not acceptable.

•At 16, you can obtain a driver’s license in Montana.

•You must have a driver’s license to apply for a Montana Motorcycle License.

•You must successfully complete the motorcycle knowledge and skills test.

•There learners license is $5.00 and adds an additional $.50 per year fee to your license for the motorcycle endorsement.

After you have passed the motorcycle knowledge test and met the other requirements for the motorcycle endorsement, you will be issued a motorcycle learner license. It is valid for one year after passing your knowledge test and allows you to operate a motorcycle with licensed supervision.

Once you have the proficiency to ride on you own, you can take the skills test and apply for a full examination, which will review your driving record, your vision, a review of your physical aptitude, the knowledge test and skills test. All of these must be passed before you can be issued the full motorcycle endorsement for your Montana license.

 Montana Motorcycle License

Motorcycle Knowledge Test

This test is comprehensive and should be taken seriously. If you cannot pass the skills test, you will not be able to get you license. The Montana Motorcycle supplement covers the knowledge that you will require for the test. Once you have passed the knowledge test and receive your learners permit you will be ready to begin learning the skills that you will need to be proficient in to receive your full motorcycle endorsement.

When it is time to take your motorcycle skills test, you must make an appointment with a drives exam station to take the test. You must bring a properly fitted motorcycle for the skills exam, as they are not provided by the DMV. The definition of a “properly fitted” motorcycle is cover in the Montana Motorcycle supplement. The skills test must be passed before your endorsement is issued.

Learning the Skills to Ride Safely

Many who apply for their motorcycle learner’s permit will already have riding skills, while others will not. If you cannot pass the skills test, you will not be issued a motorcycle license in Montana. There are many ways to gain the skills to become a safe motorcycle operator. You can have a friend teach you what you need to know, or you can take a Montana Motorcycle Riders Safety Course. They are offered in multiple areas and offer professionals who provide training and teach you how to ride safely.

Where to Get Your Montana Motorcycle License

Driver’s licenses in Montana are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles where you can apply for your regular driver’s license, as well as your motorcycle endorsement. There are offices in many cities and appointments can be made to save you time when you apply to get a Motorcycle License in Montana.

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