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How To Get a Motorcycle License in New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents may desire to obtain a motorcycle license so that they can operate a motorcycle legally on the streets of NH. A person can apply for a motorcycle permit as early as the age of 16. However, a 16-year-old resident must take a special driver’s course before he or she will become eligible to apply for a permit. The teen must take a vision test, as well. Additionally, a teen who is under the age of 18 will need to have his or her parents complete a permission form. Once the teen meets the aforementioned qualifications, the person may proceed to apply for a permit, which the DMV provides to a rider before it issues the motorcycle license NH document. The young person will have to pass a skills test or road test to obtain a driver’s license.

A motorcycle permit is valid for 45 days, and it gives the teen an opportunity to operate the motorcycle between sunrise and sunset. The rider is expected to take the skills test for a motorcycle license before the permit expires.

Licensing Requirements for Adults 18 or Older

Persons who are 18 years old or older will have to meet two requirements before they will be eligible for a motorcycle license. First, they will have to take a vision test. Next, they will have to prove that they passed a basic motorcycle rider class. Alternatively, they can take the motorcycle skills test to obtain the license.

License Classes: The Basic Rider Course

All people who wish to obtain motorcycle license NH approval will need to pass the BRC or the Basic Rider Course. The state offers the educational course to any person who wishes to apply for a license. The program consists of book instructions and hands-on motorcycle riding experiences. The program provides helmets and motorcycles, and all students who pass the course will be exempted from the DMV skills and written tests. Students do not have to have licenses or permits to take the BRC course.

The BRC program covers several aspects of motorcycle riding such as controls, safety rules, clothing instructions and maneuvering practices. The goal of the program is to familiarize the new rider with the appropriate information that he or she can use to become a skilled rider. The price for the Basic Rider Course is $110. Experienced riders may want to perfect their skills by taking the intermediate course or the experienced rider’s course. The BRC provides 10 full hours of motorcycle riding instruction. The instructors teach the students to ride their motorcycle and perform exercises at a slow pace.

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The Vision Requirements

The DMV expects all of its drivers to have good vision as keen vision prevents accidents from occurring. Any person who fails the vision test will be asked to see a specialist for an examination. The person will need to have an eye doctor complete form DSMV-61, as well. The form explains the prospective rider’s vision functionality in detail. The optician must complete the form and then state his or recommendation on the form. In other words, the doctor must give an answer to a question that asks about the persons’ visual capabilities.

The doctor could deem the person suitable for operating a vehicle with glasses or contacts. The doctor could state that the person’s vision is acceptable without corrective devices, as well. Alternatively, the eye doctor could recommend that the person not have access to driving privileges because of severe vision problems.

The rider will take the form back to the DMV, and the DMV will give him or her a passing grade if the doctor’s recommendation suggests such. Riders who have restrictions such as glasses and contact lenses must wear them whenever they are operating a motorcycle. The police can give a person a legitimate ticket for not wearing devices that correct vision.

Study Materials for the Written Permit Test

The most crucial document that one should study before taking the knowledge test is the Motorcycle Operator Manual. The manual is available online, and it includes all the information that a potential driver will need to take the knowledge test. The knowledge test provides the rider with the credentials necessary to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit.

The Road Test

The DMV only offers the road test during certain times of the year, so the applicant will need to be mindful. Once a person schedules a skills test, the DMV will not cancel it for any reason, including weather.

License Cost and Documents

A motorcycle license applicant will need to provide some documentation before he or she can apply for a license. First, the person will have to show proof of passing the Basic Rider Course, or the person will have to submit results from a passed motor skills test. Next, the person will need to provide the DMV with the $30 fee for the license. The person can pay the $30 fee by way of check, credit card or cash. A renewal for a motorcycle license NH document costs $3.

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