Motorcycle License in New Jersey

How To Get a Motorcycle License in NJ

In the state of New Jersey, you can get a motorcycle only license if you don’t already have a driver’s license, or a separate motorcycle endorsement on your existing driver’s license. The process varies based on which route you plan to take to earn your license. If you are interested in getting a motorcycle license NJ, follow this step by step guide to get street legal.

License Classes
Whether you already have a driver’s license or you want a motorcycle only license, your first step is to take a Basic Rider Course from an approved provider if you are under the age of 18. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a stamped waiver form and completion card. If you’re older than age 18, you do not need to take this course, but must get a motorcycle permit.

License Requirements
You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state of New Jersey, or 17 years old and have taken the Basic Rider Course.

License Cost
The fee for a motorcycle permit is $5.

License Process
If you’re older than age 18 and have a driver’s license already, you must first apply for a motorcycle permit at your local motor vehicle agency. Next, sign up to take the knowledge and vision tests. Upon passing this test, you may schedule a road test on your motorcycle. This must take place 20 days after taking your knowledge and vision tests, allowing you time to practice before taking the road test.

Motorcycle License NJ

If you do not have a driver’s license and wish to get a motorcycle only license, you must practice ride for six months after receiving your permit if you’re younger than age 21, or three months if you’re older than 21, and receive no citations during this time. After this period, you can take your road test; upon successfully passing, you’ll receive a probationary license. For one year, you are not allowed to ride after dark, on state-restricted toll roads, or with passengers. Successfully completing the probationary year qualifies you for a full motorcycle license NJ.

Written Permit Test
The written knowledge tests examines your knowledge of material from the Driver Manual and Motorcycle Manual issued by the state of New Jersey. This is a 50 question multiple choice test given on a computer. You must score at least an 80 percent to be eligible for your motorcycle permit.

Road Test
The road test, given three to six months after you receive your probationary license if you don’t have a driver’s license or 20 days after if you do have a driver’s license, is given to ensure that you can remain safe on the road and follow all necessary traffic laws.

To learn more about earning your motorcycle license NJ, the state’s official motor vehicle website is your best resource. Helpful links you may want to consult include:,, and You can also download the NJ Driver Manual, which contains the information you need to study to prepare for your tests.

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