Motorcycle Riding Tips

Riding in a Group

One of my favorite aspects of riding a motorcycle is that it can be a solitary experience, or one that is shared with others.  Riding in a group can be a very rewarding experience; friendships that last for life can be made on a single road trip.  If you’re new to an area, this can […]

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Riding in a Group

Advice For Women Riders!

Anyone paying attention to motorcycle trends, knows that the number of women riding their own motorcycle is on the rise.  Ladies are no longer settling for riding on the back of a husband’s, or boyfriend’s, bike.  Even though women have been riding motorcycles since the 1950s, (check out the Motor Maids, Inc) their number is

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Advice For Women Riders

Layering Up For Colder Weather

Unless you are in one of those places that never seem to drop in temperature, you will have occasions to ride in the cold.  So how do we prepare for those times?  How should we layer up? Before we discuss how to layer up, it’s important to understand a few basic concepts about cold weather

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cold weather riding

How To Street Ride Like A Pro

Every time you ride is an opportunity to learn, and to improve your riding skills. The average motorcyclist rides in urban and suburban areas, where you need a different set of riding skills to remain safe. Being a better rider is something you can practice – the only thing required is time, and your willingness

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Street Ride

Riding Etiquette

Here it comes, the first time you cross paths with another motorcycle… Perhaps you are like me, the rider waved to you, and you realized, you are now a member of a new community. You have joined a subculture, and as with any cross-cultural experience, it pays to have some basic understanding about the world

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