The Top Five Motorcycle Safety Tips To Remember This Summer

With summer fast approaching, that means more motorcycles will be joining more drivers on the road, as folks will be heading out for vacation holidays and fun in the sun. This makes for the perfect opportunity to remember the top five motorcycle safety tips:

1. Always keep in mind that motorcycles are less visible.

Bikes have smaller profiles than autos, and other drivers often forget they are sharing the road with motorcycles. Be responsible for your own safety and stay out of automobile driver’s blind spots.

2. The visibility factor for motorcycles drops even more at night.

While cars are large and are often outfitted with plenty of lights from top to bottom and front to rear, motorcycles have less lights and less reflective surface areas. Many safety experts recommend motorcyclists wear helmets and clothing with reflective materials.

3. Always remember to wear safety gear.

If a motorcyclist is in an accident, the only thing between the rider and the asphalt is his clothing and protective gear. Always wear a helmet and thick clothing, preferably leather.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

4. Be aware of your surroundings and be respectful of  the other drivers around you.

Don’t dodge in and out of lanes, use your turn signals, and be on the alert for drivers who don’t see you.

5. Resist the urge to perform tricks on the highway.

While tricks and wheelies may look cool on a professional track, the highway is not the place to perform risky maneuvers or to ride around on only one wheel.

Riding motorcycles is fun and exciting, but riding safe will ensure many years of enjoyment behind the handlebars. Simply contact us in order to learn more about how to remain safe all summer long – and beyond – on your motorcycle.

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