Driving Laws in NY!

It is important to get a hang of the driving laws of any country that you reside in. Here are the driving laws that NY follows:-

1. Article 31 of Vehicle and Traffic Law of New York state that it’s against the law to drive any motorcar in pursuit of alcohol or drug. It is the common driving law worldwide – Don’t Drink & Drive!

2. One should not drive a motorcar upon public highway, sidewalk or any other public place without a driving license. Under, section 509 of article 19, one ought to be duly licensed while driving any vehicle at such places.

3. The New York government considers it a crime to control any automobile on public highways of New York without vehicle registration. As per section 401 of Article 14, it is vital to drive solely a registered vehicle.

4. Vehicle and Traffic Law of New York states underneath section 1212 of article 33 that reckless driving is an offence. If someone drives in an unreasonable manner on a public roadway or highway endangering other drivers on highway, the person would be fined or imprisoned.

5. If one does not follows traffic signs or traffic rules and jumps traffic signals, then it’s an offence under article 24.

6. One should never drive on the other side of roadway or strive to overtake another vehicle. Article 24 additionally considers these acts violation of traffic laws.

7. Driving on sidewalks is an offence (under 1225). Exception to this law is that one will drive at a slow speed that is not more than 5 miles/ hour without disturbing the safety and passage of fellow pedestrians.

8. Stated below 1253, a motorbike rider should not cling to any other vehicle on a roadway.

9. Full use of lane is entitled to all the motorcycles till the time there’s no disturbance to different motorcycles on the road. Under section 1252, no motorbike should be driven in a manner to deprive alternative bike of the complete use of a lane.

It is important to follow all the rules and law by heart to avoid problems in future. You can also seek help from companies providing apt information on how to drive, what to do and how to acquire driving or

motorcycle license in New York

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