Riding With Motorcycle Permit

You have spent a large amount of time visiting bike shops, going online to manufactures sites to see their latest models and read tons of reviews, magazines, and forums to help you buy the bike of your dreams. You finally open the checkbook, get the bike you wanted, register it and hit the road! Forgetting something? How about a motorcycle license.

With all the time you took to buy your bike and get it registered, why not take the small amount of extra time to get your riding permit and then your license? Unfortunately, many motorcycle operators never bother to get their license.

If you take an informal survey of bikers you know about whether they have a license or not, the results are usually frightening. How about riders admitted to the tune of up to 40% that they have no license or an expired license.

Getting a motorcycle license isn’t difficult. The requirements in almost all states just include passing a written test and a road test or completing a basic rider’s education safety course in lieu of the state’s road test. Check sites such as https://www.permit.bike/motorcycle-license-ny/ that list the requirements of each state for obtaining a license.

There are many excuses for not full filling the responsibility of getting a license. This goes for new riders as well as seasoned bikers.

Unfortunately, many new bikers find this to be a tedious exercise. Some states require that you bring a car and driver along so the test instructor can follow the bike and give instructions. A little post-test preparation should yield a friend or relative that can lend a hand when you take your test. NO EXCUSE!

Some motorcyclists, who have been riding for years without a license, could be embarrassed to take a basic safety course with younger people who are beginner riders. Riders come in all shapes and sizes, ages and income levels. If you go to a safety course, you will soon see that you are not the oldest person to ever drive a motorcycle. NO EXCUSE!

Many middle-age riders over the last several years are getting back into the sport after decades of being off a bike and have let their license expire. Instead of going through the process of refreshing their skills they feel there is no need to update their riding ability or take DMV tests. NO EXCUSE!

Not only is there no excuse not to get a license, but the testing and safety process involved will sharpen your skill and make you more aware of your surroundings and become a better defensive driver.

Nothing beats getting up on a Saturday morning and taking a spontaneous ride to your favorite beach, mountain road or curvy county course. The freedom of the ride is what it is all about.

Why would anyone compromise the full freedom of riding by constantly having to look in your rearview mirror for a police officer who will find out that you are not licensed or waiting on line for a police motorcycle safety and license check with your heart pounding as you move to the front with no license? A moment of reckoning.



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