Smart Motorcycle Life Hacks

There is something about riding a motorcycle that you just can’t explain. Maybe it is the feel good vibe you get on the road, the adrenaline that goes with the adventure or that almost every pretty girl in town wants to ride with you. Whatever it is, riding on your motorcycle is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. However, there are days when the universe does not seem to favor you and even your motorcycle accessories will let you down. Lucky for you, there are riders who came long before you and they passed down secret words of wisdom to help you get through it. Follow these motorcycle hacks and your life will be easier and riders from far away will come to seek your guidance but if you don’t, well……just another regular folk.

Motorcycle Life Hacks

Traffic Light Hack
Ever stood next to a traffic light that is automated to sensor automobiles before switching the light? The problem with such traffic lights is that sometimes they don’t pick up the motorcycle signal. Why don’t they if you may ask? Because some motorcycles seem too small to be noticed by the traffic light sensors. If you’re one of those unlucky riders, your options would be to risk running past the lights or wait for a ‘recognizable’ automobile to give you pass. If there ever was discrimination against motorcycles, then this must be the perfect example. But with a bunch of magnets attached to the bottom of all your frames, your motorcycle will trick the traffic sensors to make it think your ride is the size of a truck. This hack must have come from a physicist on a motorcycle smart enough to know that traffic sensors pick up on electromagnetic flux.

Waterproof hack
Leather boots are well suited for motorcycle riding but sometimes, they lose their waterproofing coat. But you don’t need those harsh chemicals that will make you choke just by sniffing. A blow dryer and paraffin candles are enough to do the trick. All you need to do is rub the paraffin candles all over your leather boots and melt the wax into your riding boots using the blow dryer. The only downside to this hack is that it favors older leather boots. But then again, new authentic leather boots are usually waterproof until they get old.

Anti-fogging hack
You will likely not notice anything off with your new helmet until it gets old and a fog shows up on your visor one of those cold winter days. The fog is quite dangerous since it can distract your vision. Sure, you can open your visor to de-mist but it won’t help when it is raining or freezing cold outside. But don’t worry, just go grab yourself dandruff shampoo. Remember, you have to very specific about this and any regular shampoo will not do the job. First, separate the visor from the helmet, wash it thoroughly and leave it to dry. Once the visor is completely dry, apply the dandruff shampoo on the interior and exterior of the visor using your fingers. Then leave the visor to dry for about 5 minutes or more. This will ensure an anti-fog film is spread-out throughout the lens. However, make sure you polish the visor with a clean paper towel or dry cloth. Voila! The fog will not be a problem anymore. If the sun is blinding your vision, you can always stick a dark see through tape on the top of your visor to act as a curved baseball cap.

Cool A/C hack
Riding on a sunny summer day is a blessing. But wait until you pass through a hot place like Southern California fully loaded with your leather jacket, pants, gloves and every other accessory. Well, don’t be surprised when you start to feel too hot like Johnny Blaze. Literally! If the heat is too much for your comfort, just stop over at any nearby restaurant and ask for some ice cubes. Not joking! Fill up your ziplock bags with those ice cubes and put the bags in your inner jacket pockets. Keep the ice filled ziplock bags closer to your body and you will be cooler than LL Cool J. Just in case the weather turns cold unexpectedly and you’re left shivering like a twig on a windy day, look out for the nearest newspaper and enclose it in your leather jacket. The newspaper will act as an additional thermal layer effectively reducing the cold.

Emergency gas hack
Nothing feels bad like your motorcycle running out of gas miles away from the nearest gas station. What is even worse is when you’re on a long distance trip halfway across another country or state and the territory is completely unfamiliar. If you’re going to pass through such neck of the woods, find an empty coke bottle and load it up with fuel. Alternatively, you can visit a coffee joint and order a take away coffee in a large container. Once you drink the coffee to the last drop, you can fill it up with gasoline to use it just in case. Although the coke bottle and coffee container will not hold fuel for a very long time, they can be helpful when you’re riding through very remote places.

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