Wyoming Motorcycle License

Obtain a Motorcycle License in Wyoming

Do you wish you could experience the beautiful mountainside and winding roads on two wheels instead of four? If so, you may be thinking about getting a Wyoming motorcycle license. Luckily, the process for getting licensed to ride your motorcycle is simple and straightforward, however, there are a few steps you must take in order to properly register your bike and show that you have the required skills needed to ride safely.

Learning to Ride

Obviously, before you begin any of the licensing or registration process for a motorcycle, you first need to have the skills to do so. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation designed a course which many states, including Wyoming, offer to prospective riders. There are two different courses: Basic Rider Education Course and Experienced Rider Education Course.

Basic Rider Education

This course is for novice riders and will cover basic concepts and include both classroom and on-bike training, and are generally offered on weekends. As a bonus, since practice motorcycles are provided, if a prospective riders finds out that he or she is just not cut uut for a motorcycle after all, there is no money wasted on a bike that would never be used.

Experienced Rider Education

This course if for riders who have experience riding a motorcycle and have solid knowledge of how to shift gears and handle their motorcycle. While not necessary to take, this course is a good way to gain more knowledge and become a safer and more comfortable rider.

Wyoming Motorcycle License

License Requirements

Once you have learned the necessary skills for how to operate a motorcycle, you will need to do the following in order to become licensed:

  • supply identification
  • Pass a written exam
  • Pass an on-bike skill test
  • Pay $3 for the “M” class endorsement

The same documents needed to register a motor vehicle are the same ones needed for motorcycles. To get a Wyoming motorcycle license You will need to bring a copy of the title , current registration from your previous state (if applicable), a lease agreement or proof of mortgage payment to prove your Wyoming residency, proof of insurance,proof of Social Security Number (SSN) and pay all required county and states taxes and fees. If you have recently gotten married, divorced, or changed your name for any reason, you will need to provide proof via a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or any other legal paperwork that makes your name change valid. Keep in mind that while Wyoming allows up to one year for drivers to get a license after becoming a resident ,several states require immediate need for license transfer. These include

  • Michigan
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee

It is probably best to contact your local branch of Department of Motor Vehicles in order to verify how long you have to get a Wyoming motorcycle license if you are a new resident , to be sure. It will be necessary to re-take all exams if your current license has become invalid or expired.

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